Buying Apparels To Take Pride In

It was the Harvard University which started the trend of the letter sweaters in the year 1865 for their baseball team. The players were given woolen sweaters or pullovers with letter on them. The letters were big and bold if it was a pullover; or sometimes a stripe sleeve sweater was marked with the letter earned. This kind of sweater was never purchased by the students; it was always earned or was awarded to them by the university in the junior or senior school. Sometimes the students were awarded these letters in special ceremony or award functions. This coat or sweater with the letter was something to take pride in like an accomplishment or achievement.

The varsity jackets usually come with a logo or symbol of the school or university, either embroidered or printed. The letter is customized to fit in for the event or activity which the student participated in. Students who belong to a championship team are usually awarded a big letter which is placed at the back and the medals which are won are often sewn to the front of these coats in order to display the achievements.

Earlier, it was awarded to students and students could avail it only by participating in some sports or activity of the university, however in contemporary times it can be purchased from the school even by students who have not achieved anything. These coats are usually in colors which are related to school or university and usually come with banded wrist style. It comes with collar for men and with hoods for women. The fabric used is usually leather and wool.

In contemporary times, many online stores sell these kinds of jackets and the finest graduation gowns & hats which can be easily customized according to a student’s preference and taste. The colors, logo and symbols, letters, etc., are all customizable and can be easily availed online. Therefore in present times, these coats can be availed online at the comfort and convenience of the buyer instead of the regular school shop.

The looks and style of these coats are traditionally school related, but it looks very smart and chic. Be it the knitted sweaters of the past or the contemporary style woolen body leather sleeved wrist band style; it looks very stylish and trendy. Therefore, one does not need to think twice before availing this kind of clothing as it is always trendy and in fashion. It also brings back a lot of memory from school and college life and has a lot of sentiments attached to it. With its online availability, one can easily avail it even though one did not earn it during their university years.